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July 30, 2017

Did you know that Charleston, South Carolina is ranked as the #2 location for destination weddings? It's true! 

I have been to Charleston three times now, Tony has been with me two of those trips.

You know the drill, below is a list of our "Tips & To-Do's" for any type of Charleston adventure.


WALK EVERYWHERE- I am a huge advocate of walking as your mode of transportation when traveling to new places. This will ensure you'll be able to take all of the pictures you want, appreciate the architecture and maybe find a restaurant/shop or two that you wouldn't have seen if you're speeding by in an Uber.

AirBnB vs. Hotel- There are many 4+ star hotels in Historic...

June 28, 2017

On this edition of the Weekenders Guide we'll be adventuring to San Francisco, California.  We've laid out some tips and to-do's to ensure every trip to the foggy city is a great one!


1. Walk everywhere and get a cable/street car pass. If you really want to experience the city, this is the way to do it. The city of San Francisco is only 46.87 mi². That's pretty small, compared to other cities like New York which is 304.6 mi², Tampa measuring at 175.3 mi² and Miami at 55.25 mi². 

2. Always check the weather forecast. ALWAYS. San Fran can be foggy and cold one day and sweaty the next. California as a whole seems very confused when it comes to the w...

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