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House How To: Save $10,000 For Your Down Payment

So you're buying a house?? Being nervous and confused is normal. I've been in your shoes, and I am here to help! From January 2016- October 2016 we were able to save about $10,000 to put towards our down payment and left over closing costs. I know I'm impressed too!

Below is a list of tips to help you save for that perfect 3/2 you've been in a relationship with on

1. Cancel Cable-

Stop paying for the 120 channels you don't even watch. The average cable bill is $180 after fee's and taxes. These days with Netflix and Hulu streaming, there is no reason for cable. Netflix and Hulu both have plans starting at only $7.99. Most shows are on Hulu 24 hours after airing. By canceling your fancy cable plan, or even just downsizing to just an internet plan you can save $1,800 over ten months

2. Cancel Monthly Subscriptions-

Not to completely contradict #1, but your monthly subscriptions can really add up. Do yourself a favor... check your monthly statements and do some mediocre math. I just calculated mine and it came out to $100 a month.... thats $1,000 in ten months

3. Stop with the Starbucks!-

For the love of whatever God you believe in, stop spending $3-$15 a week on coffee. If you're spending $4.50 a day on some kind of drive through item, thats $1,642.50 in ten months.

4. Let Yourself Go-

Im joking! But while we are on the subject of your appearance.. how much do you spend on your hair/nails every year? A mani & pedi is about $40. Add a $5 tip onto that since it makes you think they won't talk shit about you in another language next visit. $45 a month, for 10 months is $450. Skip the $30 hair cuts by your hair stylist. Salons like Fantastic Sams have hair cut specials starting at $7. So by going the cheaper route when it comes to your primping you can save about $565 over a ten month span.

5. Mom...We're Moving In-

This obviously does not apply to everyone. If you have the option to move in with family for a few months, DO IT. This was one of the main reasons we were able to save so much money for our down payment. Moving back in with your parents as a married adult is NOT easy. Having said that, the ten months of seeing my dad eat ice cream and potato chips in his underwear was tremendously worth it. Now we own our first home, which next to having babies is the most rewarding accomplishment a couple can experience. Decreasing your rent payments whether its rooming with your parents or getting an actual roommate, can save you up to $400 a month. In our case it saved us $600 a month...saving a gratifying $6000 in ten months.

Take these steps, and you will be able to take one of obligatory "sold" sign pictures in no time!

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