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House How To: Hiding Your Ugly A/C Unit

There's nothing quite like enjoying your backyard on a breezy summer afternoon. Which there's no such thing as in Florida...I've had swamp ass for the past three months. Birds chirping, rustling oak leaves and the loud humming of your A/C unit. Not only does the sight of our A/C unit kill my outdoor livin' vibe, but the noise it exudes does not mesh well with my 'Summer 17' Spotify playlist. By hiding your A/C unit you can up the aesthetic of your space and also muffle mood killing noise!


1 bag of Quickrete

1 post hole digger

2 inch Nails

Nail gun/hammer

Stain of your choice

Wood: This part is really dependent on how high your AC unit is, if yours is higher than ours you'll need longer posts. If yours are longer than ours then you'll need more pieces for the panels. BUT for the blogs sake I'll keep it specific to our project.

3 Wood posts


1. Dig holes where you want the posts to stand- far enough away from the unit to let it breathe, we only used 3 posts to ensure that if we needed to access our unit for service we would be able to easily.

2. Pour Quickrete into holes

3. Place posts into holes, don't do anything else until Quickrete has dried enough for posts to be secured.

4. Nail wood panels horizontally between the posts as shown in the pictures below

5. Stain the wood (optional)

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