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2020 Monat Money Breakdown

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In todays video we went over the Monat 2020 income disclosure statement (IDS). I think its important to explain why we should look at median income instead of average income when diving into an IDS for a multilevel marketing company. The 'average' or the mean, will distort the true data you're trying to find. The median gives you a more accurate idea of what the 'average' distributor is making per year. We also discussed how a very very very small ( a depressingly small) percentage of Monat Market Partners are making a livable wage annually. These figures are for GROSS income. They do not include the cost of the starter kit or any other expenses made by the Market Partners. The average annual gross income for the bottom rank is LESS THAN the cost of the cheapest starter kit. That means the majority of Monat Market Partners did not make a profit in 2020. When comparing the 2020 IDS to the 2019 IDS, we can see that the people at the bottom made less money, and the people at the top made more money. Sounds like a great opportunity right? I hope you can feel my sarcasm while reading that previous sentence. I have also included below, the recently updated compliance reminder email that the president of Monat sent out last week. This email outlines what Monat Market Partners can and cannot say, not only when discussing the products themselves but also when promoting the 'business opportunity' aka trying to recruit people. I personally find this hilarious because apparently these requirements have been in place, yet watching ANY of my MLM Top Fails/reaction videos will prove that an overwhelming amount of the Market Partners are in direct violation of said requirements. Do I think that Monat will actually keep their distributors accountable if we report them? Ugh... no. However, I do believe that if enough of us report these reps and Monat itself to the FTC and to the Florida Attorney General (the office of Ashley Moody), I think we will be able to make a dent.

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