Honeymooning in St. Thomas

Before checking into the Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham in Saint Thomas we were greeted with delicious margarita's topped with overly salted rims. Two "bell boys" dressed in khaki shorts and breathable cotton blue shirts drove us with our luggage in tow to our room via golf cart. Our room was an over-sized studio with a contemporary yet tropical bathroom, amble closet space, and a breezy yet private terrace. Tony and I have a routine for planning ahead when it comes to our vacation activities, or lack there of. We do not plan anything ahead of time other than the obvious, flight, hotel and transportation. The first day usually isn't a full day as half of it is typically spent traveling. We unpack, look over whatever tourist guide pamphlet they have our room, and if we aren't feeling like sloths at this point we will explore a bit of the resort, hotel, complex... you get the point. This plan hasn't failed us yet and definitely didn't on this trip either! After getting a loosey goosey idea of what we wanted to do each day I looked up reviews on each vendor/business on Tripadvisor and called to make reservations. Tripadvisor should be everyone's best friend. It's basically a personal assistant when you're traveling, hell, I even use it locally! Look at your phone right now... do you have the app downloaded? If so, I knew I'd like you! If not, do it now and YOU'RE WELCOME. Here is a little play by play of each day along with pictures. None of these photos have been edited, other than the one at Coki Beach of Tonys back and the one of me in the water at Magens Bay and all we did was increase the saturation a tad bit. My point in making that clear is to ensure you can understand just how gorgeous St. Thomas is.

Day 1: Later that evening we found ourselves on a hammock overlooking Water Bay. Literally it's called Water Bay....not very creative, I know. There were only about 20 other guests since the resort had just opened a few short months before. This amped up the perfectly quiet and relaxed vibe. We explored the pool area and were scared a few times by dog sized iguanas before ​heading back to our room.

Day 2: The receptionist was kind enough to inform us about an amazing beach around the corner from the resort. We were expecting a beach full of fat tourists in ill fitting one pieces with snorkel mask stamped faces and sandy cheeks. Picture the sunburned character from Lilo & Stitch, the one who was always in the background eating ice cream...that guy was the definition of vacation goals. What we found....was simply amazing. The entrance to Coki Beach is lined with shanty beach bars and restaurants, their backs all facing the road. Through a low hanging canopy of mangrove trees we found a tucked away sandy strip of paradise. We dragged two lounge chairs to the edge of the crystal blue water and ordered a bucket full of Carib. To the surprise of many, Tony and I are lightweights. My wonderful husband has rightfully earned the nickname "Two Beer Tony". We got to the point that our selfies were quite hilarious to look back on. 0 of the 17 I took that day were instagram-worthy. I was obnoxiously wide mouth laughing in all of them and Tony's eyes were never open. I'm contemplating making a coffee table book of all of our intoxicated vacation selfies...watch out Kim K.

Day 3: If you ever have the chance to visit St. John, renting a Jeep to explore the island is a must! The ferry ride between the two islands was fairly cheap and quick. Mostly all of the island is a national park. The winding roads are sprinkled with natives, and by natives I mean deer, cows, goats and donkeys. I named one of the donkeys Doug, he came straight up to my window for cuddles. We drove up the coast of the island and stopped at almost every beach, our favorite was Francis Bay Beach. When we got back to St. Thomas and into the hotel, we saw about 20 giant birds in the lobby. We didn't really question it since they let me hold some of them and take pictures. This one was super sassy.