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A Weekenders Guide: San Francisco, California

On this edition of the Weekenders Guide we'll be adventuring to San Francisco, California. We've laid out some tips and to-do's to ensure every trip to the foggy city is a great one!


1. Walk everywhere and get a cable/street car pass. If you really want to experience the city, this is the way to do it. The city of San Francisco is only 46.87 mi². That's pretty small, compared to other cities like New York which is 304.6 mi², Tampa measuring at 175.3 mi² and Miami at 55.25 mi².

2. Always check the weather forecast. ALWAYS. San Fran can be foggy and cold one day and sweaty the next. California as a whole seems very confused when it comes to the weather.

3. Don't waste space in your bag by packing 3 pairs of heels. All of the hills will not be kind to your ankles or your favorite pair of 5'' Jessica Simpson nude pumps.

4. Bring your FitBit. It's always fun seeing how many steps you took in walk-able cities.



As "touristy" as you may think it's amazing. Not only is visiting one of the most infamous island penitentiaries a great history lesson but the views and landscaping on the island are gorgeous. We did the audio tour but didn't opt in for one of the guided tours since being in a group of slow moving, fanny pack wearing people is our version of Hell. For those who don't know, there is a dilapidated base ball field within the walls of Alcatraz and as expected... Tony had to run the bases.

Two words: Nutella. Pancakes. The servers at toast were very nice and the food was even better. By far some of the best breakfast food I've had in a long time. JUST LOOK AT IT!

Giants Game:

AT&T Park is on the bay, and its gorgeous. Yes, I am a woman and I am describing a baseball stadium as gorgeous! Our seats were in the bleacher section behind left field and were only about $30 a piece. After almost every game there is a fireworks show. Bring a blanket/something padded to sit on, other wise your tush will be hurting by the top of the second inning.

Fort Point:

Nestled under the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge lies Fort Point. It was built over 150 years ago to protect the bay area from foreign attack. While we were exploring the building I lost Tony for about 30 minutes, until he popped out of a stairwell and scared the crap out of me. Literally I let out a little toot, it was mortifying. The walk down to Fort Point makes for very Instagram-worthy pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and the mountainous landscape beyond.

Fishermans Warf & Piers:

Between Piers 7 & 9 is the Waterfront Restaurant which serves up some amazing dishes and romantic views of the Bay Bridge. Pier 39 is the famous of piles upon piles of sunbathing sea-lions. Not long after the Loma Prieta earthquake hit San Francisco in October of 1989, a few barking sea lions became regulars on Pier 39's K-Dock. By the beginning of 1990 the chubby pinnipeds were arriving in hoards. Yep I just used the word pinniped...which means earless seal. I need to have my own animal planet show, think Sex and the City meets Samantha Brown mixed with Steve Irwin minus the khahi outfit, yikes.

Napa Valley:

The scenic drive from San Fran to Napa takes roughly an hour. I wish we would have spent more time "winery hopping", but our time in Napa was limited since we were there attending a wedding. V. Sattui Winery was the picturesque setting of the nuptials. I'll tell ya, nothing makes me feel classier than watching the sunset overlooking a vineyard while sipping on/resisting the urge to chug a glass of buttery chardonnay.

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