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6 Best Brunch Spots in South Tampa

What is it about the weekends that we live for oh so much? Is it the free time? The chance to do yard work? I know... it's that I can finally wash, sort and fold the crusty dirty clothes overflowing out of the hamper.

Who are we kidding!? The weekends are for time with our friends and family, preferably eating well and day drinking. Does it still count as just a cheat day if it lasts all weekend? Pass the Imodium I feel bad choices coming on.

To make your answer to the age old question "where should we eat?" easier, we've compiled a list for you!

If you've interacted with me over the past 8 months, you'd know I'm addicted to the Thai Peanut Bowl. Who ever told me Daily Eats does take out orders... I love you, however my bank account & tummy do not. The wait time on a weekend can be anywhere from 15 minutes - 90 minutes. But it is very worth it, as are the apple mimosas!

Pro Tip: Request outdoor seating since it can be loud inside. If it isn't too crowded, ask for the very back table, it's in the corner at the end of the wrap around porch. It's pretty much the unofficial VIP table and without a doubt, the best and most private seat in the house.

This small family owned restaurant is more on the breakfasty brunch side of the list. Stay with me. Imagine you have a boat day planned. Okay, got it? Stop picturing yourself on a yatch... We gotta be realistic here, a sensible 24 footer will do. You know you'll need to have a hardy breakfast to start the day off right...Momma's Kitchen is the place to be! Quality, large portioned home cooked specials daily! On the weekends there is usually a line out the door, having said that the wait time isn't too long.

3. Cask Social - South Howard Ave, South Tampa

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. There is a Popsicle in that prosecco. POPSICLE FREAKING PROSECCO GUYS! I love the drink selection at Cask, even more so I love the fat kid food selection. The Bavarian Pretzel is always deliciously warm and typically disappears within 10 minutes at a table of four. The best way to describe the bulk of the Cask menu: trendy southern food. There is ample seating inside but the patio seating is much more fun with no shortage of people watching and yard games like corn hole and giant Jenga.

4. Love's Artifacts Bar and Grille - South Macdill Ave, South Tampa

The walls of Love's is decorated with "artifacts" that have been gifted by regulars & locals.

On Sundays for $25 you can enjoy an all you can eat brunch buffet and UNLIMITED bloody marys and mimosas. Yes...UNLIMITED! I'll wait while you schedule your Uber for this Sunday.

5. Oxford Exchange - Kennedy Boulevard, South Tampa

You can't make a list of brunch spots and not include Oxford just cant! If you eat at OE and don't eat in the atrium room, you're doing it wrong. The gorgeous aesthetic is matched by the tasteful menu options. Be sure to make a reservation a day ahead since OE has been extremely popular since its opening in September 2012. Open Table is a super quick way to make reservations, check availability and glance over menus.

6. New World Brewery - 8th Street, Ybor City

Okay okay, I know this isn't in South Tampa but I had to include this little gem! Live music, self serve buffet, home brewed beer and paying for your food by the weight of your plate makes this 'hole in the wall' one of my absolute favorites.

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