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New Year Same Me?

Guys... lets not lie to ourselves. I'm not going to change myself JUST because its a new year. I may try, but it will most likely last about 3 weeks then I'll be right back to eating cookie butter covered in Lays crumbs laying on the couch. So, here is my idea: I am going to blog about being healthy and post a whole bunch of shit about it on Youtube and Instagram, really just documenting my journey and progress, that way I'll keep myself accountable. Nothing like embarrassing yourself on the internet in order to remain accountable right? At the end of each week I'll be doing a weigh in, progress pictures and measurements which I will be posting to this blog and Instagram. I also want to show home workouts and how to eat healthier on a budget. I hope that my putting myself on blast will be motivational for you and show how easy being healthier can be.

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