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Ovulation Communication

You're cramming your books from your last class into your locker, the second bell rings. Crap late to 6th period again. The remaining students in the hallway scatter like roaches in a suddenly lit room. After speedily shuffling down the hallway with your Vera Bradley tote thwacking against your back, you're finally in the door way of Ms. Cordells classroom. A mixture of dread and second hand embarrassment overwhelm you as you register the words on the white board. TODAYS AGENDA: SEX EDUCATION.

Raise your hand if you've learned WAY MORE in your mid to late twenties about the inner workings of your cooter than during any sex-ed class in school. ME TOO. I can't believe I am about to admit this but I used to think a woman can get pregnant any time of the month. Yes, I am serious and yes, I regret that I just typed that out.

Freshman year, during yet another thrilling sex education module in health class, I asked if we could learn more about the reproductive organs specifically. I was told we were supposed to focus more on STD's instead. Keep in mind, this was roughly 15 years ago, so I pray that sex ed programs have improved.

Instead of trying to scare teens with pictures of herpe infested wieners and the consequences of sex on prom night, why not teach them about cleaning themselves properly and focus more on actually educating? Just imagine how many teen pregnancies can be avoided if we teach girls how to tell when they are ovulating. Even some women my age have no idea when their fertile window is or what the difference in their cervical fluid means.

I've said numerous cringey words already and for that I apologize. However I will not apologize for doing an entire blog post centered around hooha's.


Did you know that if you are laying down when your egg detaches from your ovary you might be able to feel it? I've felt it a few times and it doesn't necessarily hurt but the best way I can describe it is that it feels like a 'twingle'. You're right...that is absolutely not a real word, but some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. More facts: you can only get pregnant during your fertile window, a few days before and a few days after you ovulate. This is also the 4-5 day window when I stiff arm the Hubster. Sperm can live up to 5 days.... ew. Sex right before you ovulate is better than sex while your'e ovulating.

I use the Ovia App, it's amazing and If you don't use it you need to. By tracking your cervical fluid you can narrow down when your fertile window is. If we have daughters you bet the night she gets her first period I'll go over a power point presentation on ovulation with her.

** I am not a medical professional, please discuss anything and everything with your vagina doctor.

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