7 Best Date Night Spots in Tampa

We've all been there....the struggle of picking a restaurant for date night.

Him: "Where should we go eat?"

Her: "I don't care, just pick something."

Him: *suggests restaurant*

Her: "No. Just list places and I'll pick something."

Per usual the Suarez's are here to save the day by bringing you a collection of tampa date night spots (and extras) that are tony & chelsea approved!


Cru Cellars | 2506 S MacDill Ave

Our Usual Bill: $30-$50

Our Go-To Orders: Short Ribs, Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread, Farmers Platter

If a sleek wine bar serving cheeses, cured meats & small plates with a dark ambiance is your scene, this is your spot. Cru is relaxed, romantic and classy with a low key vibe. Plus their buttery chardonnay leaves me feeling extra frisky.

CineBistro | 1609 W Swann Ave

Our Usual Bill: $30-$80 (Depends if we do dinner & movie)

Our Go-To Orders: Popcorn Chicken, Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon, Crispy Chicken Bowl

Nothing ruins a movie date night like children yelling or teens sucking face in the seats next to you. Am I right or am I right? While ticket prices are (on average) $6.00 more than normal movie theater prices, it's worth it. We don't dine-in every time but when we do the food is always palatable.

Soho Sushi | 3218 W Kennedy Blvd

Our Usual Bill: $25-$35

Our Go-To Orders: Steam Buns, California Roll, Garlic Edamame

When my sister urged me to try the steam buns* at Soho Sushi, I took note. It wasn't until she said "I want a framed picture of steam buns on my nightstand", that I realized the phenomenon that is steam buns. For the past three weeks, I've suggested we go to Soho Sushi at least 8 times, because damn it I want steam buns! Parking is sometimes a disaster at Soho Sushi but it's such a South Tampa staple we'll look past that. Thankfully most businesses surrounding it are closed during their nightly rush and recently I've noticed they have provided valet.

*Depending on the restaurant steam buns may also be referred to as stinky buns or sticky buns.

Kona Grill | 4134 W Boy Scout Blvd

Our Usual Bill: $20-$40

Our Go-To Orders: Moscow Mules, Red Sangria, California Roll, Potstickers, Chicken Satay

Thanks to Kona Grill's frugal couple friendly Happy Hour menu our date nights don't break the bank! Don't you hate when you get excited about the happy hour menu only to have the server tell you, "Oh, I'm sorry happy hour ended 3.8 seconds ago.". Literally the worst. At Kona, If you sit at the bar or outside you can order off of the Happy Hour menu until they close. Half off Moscow Mules and potstickers and all we have to do is sit outside? COUNT US IN.

Berns Steakhouse | 1208 S Howard Ave

Our Usual Bill: Eating in the Bar $30-$60, Dining Room & Dessert Room $100-$200

Our Go-To Orders: Steak Sandwiches, Duck Confit, Chicken Bern, Filet, Sobert, Bananas Foster

Trying to be '#Fancy' for your Instagram aesthetic but you only have $60 in your checking account? Totally not speaking from personal experience or anything. Hopefully my fellow South Tampians don't disown me for letting out this secret but.....the Berns Steakhouse has the best steak sandwiches that are only $10. Last time I went it wasn't on the menu so it's kind of like a 'secret menu item', how cool do you feel right now that you know a Berns secret menu item?

Eddie V's Prime seafood | 4400 W Boy Scout Blvd

Our Usual Bill: $95-$200

Our Go-To Orders: Filet, Brussels Sprouts, Au Gratin Cheddar Potatoes, Potstickers, TarTare of Pacific Ahi Tuna, Parmesan Sole, Crème Brûlée

Eddie V's is our favorite spot whether we are at the bar with a few delicious apps or sitting in the dining room for a 5 course meal. I have LOVED every single thing I've eating at EV. I dislike seafood, however I love their sole and ahi tuna. The service is exceptional, from the valet to the bartenders. Every time we go somehow they out do themselves by ensuring our dining experience is better than the last.

stay in date nights | Your own Couch!

Our Usual Bill: $20

Our Go-To Orders: Pizza, Outback curb-side, or whatever is available on UberEats or Postmates.

I understand that we may sound like lazy sacks of poop by admitting our favorite place to be together is on our couch...but it's true stop judging us! Stay in date nights are honestly the best. At #SuarezSanctuary pants are optional and ever meal comes with a free side of bulldog cuddles. Take out/delivery and streaming movies through apps like Hulu and Popcorn Time via our AppleTV is the formula for a perfect date night.