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Products I regret buying!

Updated: May 19, 2021

I used to buy products JUST to review them in hopes to get more views on videos. Can you imagine how much money I've wasted? LIKE ALOT! Thank goodness I've been a tad smarter with my moneys. Here is a list of the products I regret buying over the passed year.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette- I literally had a break down while filming a look with this palette because I couldn't make it work. No that isn't an exaggeration, I cried like a little bitch. No matter what I did none of the colors would blend and looked super muddy. Many people justify the short comings of this palette by saying things like "its loose pressed pigment" or "its not meant to be blendable" blah blah blah. If thats the case it should have been marketed as such.

Farsali Unicorn Essence- This is basically water with oil, a bit of pink coloring and fragrance. For $54.00 you get 1 ounce. ONE OUNCE. Honestly the only reason I got this was to have it drip down my face in videos. Thats it, I'm disappointed in myself too, lets move on.

Tarte Vegan Deodorant- There are just some products that shouldn't be vegan. Somehow my armpits smelt WORSE on the few days I used this. Extra stanky.

Becca Cosmetics x Chrissy Teigen Highlight Palette- Becca has been recycling colors. not as bad as Too Faced Cosmetics but still not okay yall!The Chrissy Teigen palette is the same thing as the Jaclyn Hill Becca Palette. But I bought it even though I already had the JH palette because I am irresponsible.

For more products you shouldn't waste your money on check out this video

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