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2022 Monat Money Breakdown (Income Disclosure Statements)

Here we go again. In the year 2022 the Network Marketing Company/Commercial Cult, Monat reported having 155,344 USA distributors. Of that, 141,875 distributors did not surpass the first rank and are at the bottom of the company. The majority of people who join Monat do not make back the money they spent on the starter kit. The median annual income for the people at the bottom rank is $34. The most common of which is $299 (typically $350 after taxes and shipping). This means most people who join end up losing money. The low annual gross earnings for the bottom 4 ranks (MP, MMP, AMB, MB) was $0. Below are the income disclosure statements from the last 5 years and a chart I creating using that data to compare the stats for the MP (bottom) Rank.

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